La Beata Craft Beer

  • E-commerce Platform
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Icon Design

As part of my Master’s final project in ELISAVA, we were asked to design a full e-commerce platform for an existing client.

This whole process had to take into consideration a full previous analysis, from Benchmark to user analysis and architecture information. Later, a sketches and wireframes stage based on the previously established users journeys. A final stage which included the design of the whole user interface, the iconography and great part of the photo and video editing.

As a result, the project was nominated for the Professional Awards by ELISAVA given each year.

Team: Cristina López, Matias Salas and Mariona Pla


First Steps

Creating empathy with our users was crucial in order to create the perfect experience. We needed to understand what were their needs and pain points.


Information Architecture and User Flows

We had to create a completely different architecture from the old website, where users could navigate easiear through the whole content and products.


Wireframing and Prototyping

After a full UX analysis that included creating user personas, user flows, information architecture, we moved to the next stage: sketching and wireframes.


Typography usage


A new craft beer experience

We designed a new way to buy your beer in Barcelona. Quicker, colder and we'll even take it to your home.


Responsive E-commerce platform

Designed for all our users, a website accessible at all times, whether it's on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

After doing a deep user research, we realized it was crucial to have a multi-platform experience since our users were much younger.

Don't know what to buy?

We designed the best option to help our users choose from our top quality beers.

Plus a subscription service called Beata Box, where users will receive different beer packages monthly.